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Referencing agreement between compuBase and your company.

If you wish to reference your company and your software product offerings on one of the sites using compuBase's e-directory technology, please read carefully the terms and conditions of the Agreement below and click "I agree" to access the referencing questionnaire.

This Agreement is executed between You (company) and compuBase (Tech Com, a limited company specializing in the development of targeted databases, with capital of 290,609 Euros, registered in France, at the Evry Register of Companies under number B 349 157 594, headquartered 1, rue Terre Neuve, Mini Parc du verger, 91940, Les Ulis, France). This Agreement enables you to reference your company and product offerings on web sites using compuBase's e-directory technology, hereinafter Partner Sites.

1. Referencing procedure

You shall have the ability to reference your company free of charge. All you have to do is complete the compuBase referencing form accurately.

compuBase will e-mail you to confirm that your company has been referenced.

2. Authorization to post

As a counterpart for referencing your company free of charge, you give permission to compuBase and its member sites to post the address, activity, and production information entered into the compuBase questionnaire fields to the partner web sites.

3. Authorization of use

You also give permission to compuBase to use the information entered to the compuBase questionnaire fields and communicate it to other companies, if applicable.

4. Right of access and change

You have the right to access and correct your personal information and privacy preferences at any time. With respect to Registration Information, you can also access and correct your personal information and privacy preferences (such as whether you wish to receive promotional communications from compuBase or third parties) by writing at:

Service Qualité
1 rue Terre Neuve
Mini Parc du Verger Bât D
91940 Les Ulis

You can modify the information stored on your company here.

You can remove your company by sending a mail to the address below.

You can remove contact information by sending an email to: DataPrivacy@compubase.net

The information contained in the compuBase database is saved at under number X362306X.

5. Information update and confirmation

A database and, consequently, a search engine, is relevant only if the information it contains is updated.

That is why compuBase will send you regular emails prompting you to update the information you have stored upon referencing your company and, if no update is required, to confirm the information already posted. If we receive no reply from you within the time frame specified in the email messages, your referencing to the partner web sites shall be removed without prior notice or specific formality.

6. Validity of the information

When completing the fields in the compuBase questionnaire, you undertake to deliver valid and true information. Should the data provided reveal to be false, misleading, or dishonest, your referencing on the partner web site(s) would be immediately cancelled without prior notice or formality, and you would be entirely responsible for damages that may arise from the transmission and posting of such information.

If you accept the terms of this Referencing agreement, please click "I accept" to access the referencing of your company and product offerings. Should you fail to accept the terms of this Agreement, you shall be denied access to the referencing.

7. Visibility of your company via the various sites

In all cases, your company shall be visible at www.itindex.com. The visibility of your company via other partner web sites depends on the site publisher's intentions and the visibility rules applied. compuBase is therefore unable to guarantee your visibility on all sites. For further information about the conditions relative to each site, please check http://static.compubase.net/home/edirectory/Partners_1.htm.
Aside from www.itindex.com, you may ask to be removed from a specific site if you wish.


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